Misconceptions about losing weight

Nowadays, almost everyone is gradually becoming health conscious .And with that various effort is going to try to keep the weight under control. Because overweight or obesity is the root cause of many problems likes the heart problem, blood sugar, hypertension, which is not unknown to anyone. Many exercises, diet controls and various rules are observed by people today.But none of these, in many cases is working.It is because some of the misconceptions about weight loss. Reducing the weight would be easy if we eliminate this kind of misconceptions.

Doing exercise loses weight, no need to diet:

gym_RF_GettyMany of us believe that only exercise can reduce weight. You don’t need to control your food habit as you are sweating at the gym – It is a very wrong concept! It would be very easy to demonstrate with an example.If you have one hour of exercise in the gym (depending on what kind of exercise performed) your 100 to 300 calories burned. But having a glass of cold drink or a burger would submit 1500 to 2000 calories in your body. Have you got the simple math? So, just by going to the gym for hours will not work. We should comply with the healthy diet.

Weight training leads to have a muscular body as boys:

build-muscles-lose-weightThis is a very wrong concept. So many girls deny to weight training because they think their appearance and body would be muscular as boys. But if you do that in a proper way, your body will never be like that, because of the lack of male’s testosterone hormone. Rather that weight training is very essential for body toning for girls.

Drinking too much water leads to body swelling and fat:

Not-Losing-Weight-3So many people reduce the amount of drinking water just because of this concept.Please don’t do that. Water is very important to maintain the body’s metabolism.We should drink at least 1 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

Eating bananas leads to fat:

IMG_5227It is often heard concept.People keep a distance from bananas for the fear of being fat. But to be a good source of minerals, potassium, and vitamins, bananas are very beneficial for our body. A single banana contains 80 to 120 calories whither chips, fried foods or a single piece of sweet contains more calories.If you get hungry in the evening, then suddenly do not eat the unhealthy foods rather you can try a banana. It will fill your stomach as well as nutrition.

Morning walk is just enough to reduce weight- just morning walks nothing else!

how-to-lose-weight-fast-walkingMorning walk is very good for health and mind. It keep the heart and brain healthy as well. Older people who are not able to have heavy exercise, anything can’t be good for them like Morning Walk. But if you want to lose weight and body to be toned, just Morning Walk will not work. Proper exercise routine and proper eating habits needs to be added to this.


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