Natural Tips to Beautify Eyes

Beautify Eyes
Gorgeous Eyes

Each person must have longed for a healthy and beautiful eyes, especially the women. Has bright eyes and eyelashes would be the dream of every person. By having a beautiful and bright eyes will make a person look more beautiful and handsome.

There are many beauty tools that can be used to beautify the eyes like, eye liner, eyes shadow, mascara and others. But the products to beautify the eyes with a good quality certainly is not cheap. In addition to the chemicals contained can have negative effects if used by long term.

Here I will share some tips on how to care and beautify the eyes in a natural way:

1. Curl eyelashes

Everyone especially women would like to have thick eyelashes and slender. But unfortunately not everyone is born with thick and slender eyelashes. Anyone who has short lashes, not thick, or long but not tapering.
Here are some natural ways to curl lashes:
First by using aloe vera and betel leaf stalk. Take stalk of betel leaf and then dip the stem into the slime aloe vera and rub it gently on the lashes. If you do it regularly your eyelashes will become slender eyelashes, long and thick.


2. How to remove eye bags
Tired eyes often cause eye puffiness around the eye area. To eliminate eye bags we can use the following tips:

The first, eye bags can be removed with cold water. Dip the washcloth in cold water and then use a wet cloth to compress the eyes before going to sleep, let stand for 10 minutes. Undoubtedly the next morning eye bags will be lost.

The second ways, by using a teabag. After drinking tea, keep the tea bag in the refrigerator. Before going to bed you can compress the eye area with the tea bag for 15 minutes. Eyes will feel fresh and bright and can eliminate eye bags.

The third way, using cucumber slices, previously put cucumber in the fridge, then compress on the eye area.