Popular Korean Star Hairstyles

Needless to say the boom in Korean dramas and bands artist  either boys or girls makes Korean artists popular to teenagers. Almost all emulate their styles and so fashion trends, from the dresses, shoes, clothes, accessories to hair styles.

In this article, we will present some popular hairstyles of Korean artists, with the black hair color or brown with white marble skin that makes Korean artists excellent.

1. Wavy Curls Hair Styles

This hairstyle is a timeless style, with long wavy hair and fluffy curls, makes appearance look exotic. Since the boom in Korean dramas, Korean girl bands and artists make this hair style increasingly popular.


2. Short Bob Hair Style


If you notice one of the personnels Girl’s Generation, one of its personnels who have short bob hairstyle, short bob hair style is suitable for Asian people’s hair texture. With a style that is practical and look pretty for all circumstances, no doubt making this models hairstyle become a trend among women, especially working women.


3. Tied Hair Style

Hairstyles are not always tied up with traditional styles that are always tied back, if we look at the Korean artists performance, there are some of them that tied their hair with the free style, we can get a casual look with this hairstyle.


5. Headband Style

By adding a headband with a funny accent and large will make us look more fresh. Consider matching our clothes while wearing headbands, so as not appear too tacky, use a headband with a matching color to the outfit. With the addition of a simple headband makes the outfit look more interesting, if you’re quite self confident, you can also use the style rabbits again headband trend.


6. Stylish With Hair clips

For those of you who do not like to wear headbands, can replace it with a hair pin, using hairpins also become a trend among Korean artists. Silver barrette looks awesome when combined with a shiny black hair or when the coloring hair can be combined with colorful hairpins.

How to use this clip to taste, which is booming (often in the Korean drama series) is a next-flops. Flops can also be used to anticipate bangs that are getting too long.