The Benefits of Sweet Corn for health

Sweet corn is a vegetable which is good for consumption, the taste is sweet and can be processed into a variety of menus. In addition to delicious taste, there are  more benefits of sweet corn. It also can prevent lung cancer and nourish the eyes.

Sweet corn is known to contain a compound called beta-cryptoxanthin, which benefits similar to beta carotene. When consumed, the body will convert beta-cryptoxanthin to Vitamin A, which is beneficial for eye health. Also according to the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, there is a relationship between the consumption of beta-cryptoxanthin with the development of lung cancer. It was concluded if the content of beta-cryptoxanthin is best eaten to reduce the risk of lung cancer

Not only the protection of the health of the lungs, sweet corn also contains antioxidants zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is an element that gives rise to the yellow color of corn. The consumption of Zeaxanthin is very good to protect the eyes from a variety of diseases, one of the disease is the disease in the macula.

The macula is the central area in the retina that detect light in sight. The macula is essential in supporting the activities of the body, such as reading, writing, recognizing faces and colors also. In addition, sweet corn also contains folate and beta-carotene, which also plays a role in protecting the health of the macula.