The Best Diving Destinations In The World

The attractiveness of the flora, fauna and sea life of the ocean is something that the diver is blessed with to view and explore. The love of under water sea adventure is what makes the diver continue to search for the most beautiful places to dive.
Explore the riches of the sea, while enjoying at the same time the beach life and romantic islands of the world. If you love to dive or explore the beauty of the underwater world, then check out our picks of some of the best and most heavenly best diving destinations to explore:

  • Bahama Island, West Atlantic Ocean

The big archipelago covers a total of  700 islands with an area of ​​100,000 square miles of the west Atlantic Ocean. Here you can explore the longest cave and many other caves in the Grand Bahama Island.

What’s interesting is that you can get a special plaque if you can successfully snorkel and explore the caves and shipwrecks and try to jump into the Blue Hole. If you are a fan of diving, you definitely can not miss the adventure of diving in the Biminis, Abacos, Eleuthera, Cat Island and San Salvador.

Bahama Island Diving
Bahama Island Diving
  • Raja Ampat, Papua

Located on the most eastern island of Indonesia, Raja Ampat Islands is really an attractive place to dive. Luckily this area is far from any industrial pollution. Raja Ampat, Papua has become a new hunting ground  for divers from around the World.

This place is mentioned as the richest marine biota and the most amazing place to dive for divers. Located in the western part of the bird’s head, this island has four major islands, Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta.

If you take a step towards this area, you will definitely feel at home staring at the exotic sea which the sun makes sparkle at the same time.

In fact, Raja Ampat Archipelago is not recommended for divers only. For those who don’t like to dive, you can enjoy the white sand beach. You can also enjoy the orchids flower or the voice of birds like the Cenderawasih, Cockatoos, and Parrots with colorful wings that leave you feeling amazed at the beauty of nature.

Raja Ampat Reef
Raja Ampat Reef
  • Rangiroa, French Polynesia

It’s large coastlines make Rangiroa the largest “highway” on Tahiti Island and of course in the world. The existence of these islands and the coral ring is home to many species of marine animals.

Rangiroa consists of two different dive locations, that is near the lagoon Paio motu, namely Ava Toru and Tiputa. Both places offer a wealth of fantastic sea views that describe the spectacular beauty of ​​French Polynesia. The average temperature of seawater makes Rangiroa a very pleasant diving experience and ideal diving destination throughout the year.

Rangiroa, Polinesia
Rangiroa, Polinesia
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico

Located next to the famous road called the Highway 400 along the Caribbean coast, this place is a destination that is easily accessible.

Reefs along the beaches attract many tourists and divers. You can explore the underground river network by diving through sinkholes that has almost collapsed.

In addition, there is also a very beautiful natural phenomenon where you’ll find carbonate caves which have been formed from mixing the of fresh and salt water over time. For starters, you can snorkel in the coral Playa del Carmen and Tulum. More experienced divers can enjoy more exciting adventures by exploring caves.


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  1. Really so fascinating place. By diving we can explorer the richness of deep sea creature. and by doing so, we hope that we can keep the richness of sea by keep them and away them from the sea damage by pollutant and else.

  2. Really mind blowing sights. I wish i could be there. Thanks to laila for sharing such a nice article.