The Best Haircuts According to Your Face Shape

Have you ever wondered which particular hairstyles suit your face shape? Taking some examples of different face-shaped models, we reveal the best haircuts that suit your face shape best.

1. Round Face Shape

The round face shape is where the length of the face is similar to the width of the face.

Suggested hairstyles:

The round face matches  shoulder-length hair in a bob. The front side of the hair is cut longer under the chin, and at the back of the face it seems shorter to make it longer.

If you want long hair, then straight long hair with shaggy layers suits a round face.

Avoid curly hair, short hair as long as chin. Avoid hair with a center parting, or the volume and expands hairstyle as it will make the face look more round.


2. Oval face shape

Oval face is a face that is slightly longer than the width. Oval face shape rather like an inverted egg. Wide at the forehead, with a pointed chin.

Suggestion: For the oval face shape you can try all of haircut and pony models. This face shape is the ideal face shape for all cuts and hairstyles. Both of the long and short haircut would look good. Avoid heavy bangs style, or hairstyle that cover the face because it will narrow the face.


3. Oblong face shape

Oblong  face shape if your face is longer than the width of the face. Forehead, cheekbones and jaw the same width. Tend to have a fairly firm cheekbones. Face look long.

For this face shape should choose a bob haircut or ponytail, you can also give a little volume on the side so the face look shorter. Curly haircut is also suitable for Oblong-faced. Avoid straight and long hair style, because it will make the face look even longer.


4. Square face shape

Face length approximately equal to the width of the face. Forehead, cheekbones and jaw the same width. A jaw shapes square.

Square face shape suit with the long hairstyle few inches below the shoulder. Wavy or curly hair model is also suitable for a square face.

If you want to try with the appearance of short hair, layered bob haircut suitable for square face. Avoid blunt cut short, because it will further strengthen the shape of a square on your jaw.


5. Heart face shape

Narrow jaw. The same with an oval face shape, but the shape of the chin looks more pointed and taper.
Wider at the brow / forehead, and cheeks. Looks like a curved line resembling the heart from forehead and more narrow to the jaw.

Choose the haircuts and pony parted sideways to cover the forehead / brow width. Short haircut till the chin is also suitable for heart face shape. Avoid hairstyles that volume at the top because it will make the face seem more pointed.


6. Diamond face shape

Diamond face shape is the widest part is on the cheek bone. Narrow forehead and almost the same width as the jaw line, with the cheeks angular lines.

Suggestion: to normalize the diamond face shape, find a haircut that volume at the top and bottom, and let the hair a bit thin on the face width. This is to show the impression of more volume around the forehead and jaw.

So, what are you waiting? Choose a haircut that really fit and match your face shape, ask your hairdresser for advice about hairstyles that match your face shape, do not regret it when your hair is already in pieces.