Tips to Transform Your Outward Appearance

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfect looks. But with a little effort and investment you can make yourself look better than you do now; and having a good appearance will boost your self- confidence. Some changes can be brought to your outward appearance through cosmetic surgery. However, minor changes are brought by putting some good habits into practice and by following a few simple tips. Simple things when practised on daily basis bring massive changes to your appearance. Below are some of the ways that could improve your appearance:

• Get into the habit of drinking more water. In order to have clear and glowing skin and to feel healthier it is important to be hydrated

• Eat meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs and fruit. Vitamin A is present in these foods and this will increase the production of sebum which moisturises your skin and hair

• Some egg on your face will remove excess oil on your face. Put eggs in a bowl and then rub them onto your face; when it dries remove it with a wet cloth

• Basic habits such as brushing your teeth, taking showers, filing nails and scrubbing feet go much beyond keeping you healthy. They actually give you fresh and attractive appearance.

• Lack of sleep is the reason why people reveal signs of aging much before they are expected to do. Seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential for a person to look and feel good

• Regular exercise not only keeps you fit and healthy but also lends a glowing and youthful appearance to your skin and hair. Exercise also helps you to stay in shape. Exercise for 30 minutes or more a day is enough to obtain most health benefits

• Make use of cosmetics which improve your beauty. Under eye dark circles can be minimised with the use of concealer. Find the best one to suit your appearance and use them properly

• Maintain a good posture. Straight posture makes you look confident and taller. This will make you look attractive. Sitting straight works wonders for your posture

• Always wear a smile on your face as this gives brightness to your appearance. A smile on your face can easily melt the heart of any onlooker

Follow these simple tips which add beauty to your outward appearance. If you don’t feel that these tips have had much effect on your body then you could always opt for cosmetic surgery.




4 responses to “Tips to Transform Your Outward Appearance”

  1. I agree, not everyone born with perfect look. Looks like an important topic. Nice article and thanks for share.

  2. I think God-gifted appearance is the best option.
    Taking care of natural look is very important.
    Thanks Rod Kelly for these valuable tips.

  3. Smile on your face, drinking more water, eat healthy foods and fruits. All are true fact for keep ourselves fresh and strong.