Trend Shoes Models

Shoes not only as feet protector, shoes are also a very important fashion icon. Wearing shoes that matched the clothing worn would make a person look more fashionable. Besides the shoes also have to cover the shortfall function body shape, for example for women who are not too high to cover the shortcomings by wearing high heels, while for women who have big calves can be balanced with the use of Wedges Shoes. Here are some types shoes that became a trend:

  1. Flats Shoes

Flat heels or flats shoes have a flat shape shoes therefore flat shoes convenient to use everyday activities. Flats shoes become the top choice of women, especially for women who have high mobility as well as for traveling. Flats shoes worn matching to any outfit, wear your shoes flats color matching the color of the clothes you wear, do not combine flats with knee-length skirts because it will make you look old-fashioned and legs look short.
Here are some models of flats:

  1. Wedges Shoes

Who is not familiar with wedges shoes, since a few years ago to the present, wedges shoes has become one of women’s shoes trend models. Wedges shoes known to form a wide and thick soles from the fingertips to the heel and even the heels high can reach 10 cm, although the heel height and thick the wedges shoes can give balance when walking. Wedges shoes must be adjusted to the shape of the wearer’s foot, if you have big calves use wedges shoes with soles were a bit thin so that the legs do not look big.
Wedges shoes are basically fit in the mix nd match with any type of clothing, such as dresses, skirts and pants. Only needs to be considered is the material selection of wedges shoes should be adjusted with the clothes that worn, for example, if we wear jeans and casual dress then adjust the wedges shoes towards more casual style than a glamorous wedges.





  1. High Heels Shoes

Many women preferred to wear high heels though there are also women who do not like the shoes model. High heels shoes with a high heel and pointy can reach tens of centimeters. The advantages of high heels will make the wearer’s legs looks more sexy. However, with the pointed shape in the heel make the wearer’s foot fatigue. In addition, according to health experts too often wear high heels can cause various diseases.