5 Related Posts Plugins with Thumbnail for WordPress

Related post plugins is a cool way to market your articles to your audience and it will help you to increase your pageviews. When visitors visit your blog and find a post interesting and useful then they  might want to read other posts related on that topic. So it would be a good idea to show some posts related with the posts they are currently reading in your blog.

We have tested lots of plugins and have chosen the 5 Best One’s for you. These plugins will also help you to decrease your bounce rate, i.e, will keep your visitors in your website. Most importantly, it will make good internal linking on your website. So here we go with our Top 5 related Post Plugins.

Nrelate Related Content

Nrelate is very cool! Easy to configure. You can choose the style to fit your blog to show related posts in your blog. Even you can earn revenue from Advertising. You can choose which categories to be shown and which to be excluded. You can select option to show below the post or top or anywhere by using a piece of code. There is also another plugin from nrelate knows as nrelate flyout. check this:


It is also slightly the same as nrelate plugin. However, we don’t have many options for customization for this. To install, you have to visit linkwithin.com and follow the instruction there.

Simple Reach Plugin

The Slide by SimpleReach is the best way to help readers discover more of your content. It is by far a cool related post plugin. The only hassle associated with it is that the registration process is a little bit tricky. But the registration process is worth it as you will also get social share button integrated with it.

Related Posts Thumbnail

It is a highly customizable plugin. You can define height and width for the thumbnail. Choose the categories or tags to be included or excluded. You can also show related posts based on categories, tags, both or random. You can show it below posts or use a code to show it in the desired place.


It is a plugin by blogsdna.com. By this plugin you can show related posts vertically or in a raw format. You can exclude categories as in above related posts plugin. And you can embed this anywhere you like by using a code.

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