5 Warning Signs for Women When Choosing Future Husbands

When someone falls in love, there’s a saying which says “Loves Makes Us Blind”. In some ways, there is some truth in this statement. Falling in love often defies all logic and common sense. As as a result, it can mean you often overlook the characteristics of your man that might have long-term negative effects on married life.

For women, it is very important to recognize traits early in a relationship that will provide you with warning signals. There are some traits and characteristics in men that you should be wary of and seek advice from others before thinking seriously about marrying him.  We give you some pointers and personality traits which we think you should look out for and consider carefully.

 These warning signs for women  are mentioned below :

  1. Over Protectiveness

In some ways, it can be quite natural for men to feel protective of their partner. It becomes a problem, however, when being over protective causes a woman to feel she has no freedom in her life. She may not even be free to visit her friends or not feel easy with anyone out of fear.  Sometimes over protectiveness is an excuse for men to be controlling of his partner’s movements and life in general. If your current boyfriend has traits like this then beware as it could only worse if you got married. It’s better to deal with his behavior by communicating honestly about how unhealthy their behavior is for your relationship. If you are not honest about these issues now, then it will only get worse in time. Marriage is a life long commitment. Just remember that.

  1. Spoiled Men

As women, we are natural carers and nurturers. Though we like to spoil our partners from time to time, there are some partners who expect everything to be done for them. Even worse, he expects you to respond to his every beck and call. Think seriously, do you prefer an independent man who loves to help you or do things himself or a man who thinks of you as his mother and won’t lift his finger? For example, is your partner willing to help you around the house? If you do not want to marry a man who’s after a wife to be like a mother to him, then you’ll end up miserable.  After all, a woman probably prefers a man who is independent and responsible, not a man who is spoiled and expects a servant at his beck and call.

  1. The Idler

Feeling love in the beginning is all great and wonderful, however, later in marriage you’ll find that love is simply not enough. An ideal husband is someone who is hardworking and loves to meet the needs of the family.  Beware, however, if your beloved is a very lazy person and loathes to do any kind of work especially employed work. You will simply suffer the consequences of having an idle man especially during times of financial stress when you’re raising a family.

  1. Does Not Respect You

Mutual respect between husband and wife is an important thing in marriage.  Imagine if your partner is a man who does not respect you. Disrespect for you can come  in the form of using insulting and harsh words when you fight. It can also mean being physically and mentally abused. Your partner may show disrespect to you by not showing appreciation for what you have done for him. Imagine what would happen if you had to live with such a man for your life time. Love is wonderful, but do not let love blind you so that you overlook certain negative traits in your partner.

  1. Possessive and Jealous

Jealousy is sometimes a sign of love. But sometimes jealousy can get out of control.  If your partner is a very jealous and possessive man then it gets out of hand especially when you are no longer trusted by him. He’ll always be suspicious of you, and may even spy on every your move. Hesitate and be warned if you decide to marry a man like this. You need to deal with the issues before you get married. Seek professional advice or advice from wise friends or family members.  If not dealt with, men at the extreme can use their jealousy and possessiveness  as an excuse to insult and physically abuse you.

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    • Yes, nice comment. No body is perfect but at last when you can see your spouse weakness and you can accept that, than everything gonna be alright. 🙂

  1. Nice and true facts are written here no doubt but people can be change by time. Human are learn many things in his or her life time, so i think together we change our family to a better one easily. So everyone has to try for improvement.