9 Best Things To Do in Sarasota

Are you ready to explore the fun things you can do in Sarasota? Sarasota is a beautiful place in Florida where there are so many exciting activities to enjoy! In this blog post, we’ll talk about the “9 Best Things To Do in Sarasota.” Let’s start our adventure together!

9. Sarasota Farmer’s Market

It’s a place where farmers bring their best veggies, fruits, and more. You can walk around, taste some delicious samples, and maybe even find a special souvenir to take home. It’s a fantastic spot to feel the lively spirit of Sarasota!

8. Go Shopping at St. Armands Circle

It’s like a big circle filled with stores where you can buy toys, clothes, and even delicious snacks. After shopping, you can enjoy your ice cream while sitting under a big tree. It’s a great place to spend time with family and find cool things to bring home from your trip!

7. Visit the Sarasota Art Museum

Inside this special place, you’ll see beautiful artworks made by talented artists. Some paintings might make you feel happy, while others might make you think and wonder. Walking through this museum is like taking a magical journey through different worlds of art. It’s a place where creativity shines bright!

6. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

At Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, you can do just that! This special place is like a magical forest in the middle of Sarasota. You can learn about different plants, see exotic flowers, and even spot some friendly birds. It’s a peaceful spot where nature shows off its beauty, making everyone feel happy and calm

5. Charter a Boat for Snorkeling, Fishing, or Sailing

In Sarasota, you can hop onto a boat and have an amazing adventure! You can put on a mask and snorkel to see colorful fish swimming below, or maybe try fishing and catch a big fish with a shiny tail. If you prefer relaxing, you can let the wind guide you while sailing on the calm waters. No matter what you choose, being on a boat in Sarasota is like a dream come true!

4. Stop by for a Show at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

Imagine sitting in a big, beautiful building, waiting for a show to start. Lights dim, and music begins to play! At the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, you can watch exciting shows with singing, dancing, and even some magic tricks. The performers wear colorful costumes and make everyone clap and cheer. Whether it’s a musical or a play, every show at Van Wezel is full of fun and excitement. It’s a place where stories come alive right before your eyes!

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3. Go Golfing, Florida Style

In Sarasota, you can play golf in a special way, called “Florida Style.” This means playing on lush green fields under the bright sun with gentle breezes. The golf balls fly through the air, and you try to hit them into small holes with your clubs. It’s not just about playing; it’s also about enjoying the beautiful views and having fun with friends and family. So, grab your golf clubs and get ready for a sunny game in Sarasota!

2. Spend the Day at Siesta Key’s Beaches

Siesta Key in Sarasota has some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see! Imagine soft, white sand that feels like powdered sugar beneath your feet and clear blue waters where gentle waves tickle your toes. You can build sandcastles, collect colorful shells, or simply lie down and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Siesta Key’s beaches are perfect for making happy memories with your family and friends. Remember to wear sunscreen and have lots of fun splashing in the waves!

1. Visit Siesta Key Village Shops and Restaurants

After a fun-filled day exploring Sarasota, there’s no better way to end it than by visiting Siesta Key Village! This lively place is like a colorful village with shops and restaurants waiting for you to discover. You can stroll around and find unique gifts, tasty treats, and yummy meals. From ice creams that make you smile to souvenirs that remind you of your adventure, Siesta Key Village is full of surprises. Don’t forget to try some local dishes or grab a refreshing drink while watching the sunset. It’s the perfect end to a perfect day in Sarasota!

That wraps up our journey through the “9 Best Things To Do in Sarasota.” I hope you had fun exploring these exciting places and activities. Until next time, keep exploring and enjoying every moment!