The 10 Best London Tours for Families

Have you ever wondered about the most exciting things to do when you visit London? One of the most fun ways to explore the city is by taking a tour! A tour is like a big adventure where someone shows you all the cool places and tells you stories. Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 best tours you can take in London. Imagine riding on a bus, looking at famous places, or even tasting yummy food! So, let’s start our journey and find out which tours are super fun for families like yours!

Exploring London’s Mysteries: The Ghost Bus Tours

Well, the Ghost Bus Tours in London are all about those mysterious and fun tales. Imagine a big, old bus that looks a bit scary on the outside but is super exciting inside! As you ride along, a storyteller tells you about spooky things that happened long ago in London. But don’t worry, it’s all pretend, and you might even giggle a bit! It’s a tour that gives you both chills and thrills, making it perfect for families who love a good ghost story.

Magical Moments at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

In London, there’s a special place where you can step right into the magic of Harry Potter! At the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you’ll see where the famous movies were made. From flying broomsticks to magical spells, everything feels real! Imagine walking through Hogwarts’ Great Hall or seeing the real costumes worn by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. It’s like stepping into your favorite storybook! This tour is a must-visit for all the little wizards and witches out there.

Taste and Explore: Secret Food Tours – London Bridge

Tasting delicious foods! And in London, there’s a special tour just for that. The Secret Food Tours at London Bridge will make your taste buds dance with joy! As you walk along the famous London Bridge, friendly guides take you to hidden food spots. Imagine biting into tasty treats like pies, sandwiches, or even sweet desserts like cookies and chocolates. Every bite tells a story, and you’ll learn fun facts about London’s food history too! So, if you love eating and exploring, this tour is a tasty adventure waiting for you.

Pedal Through History: BrakeAway Bike Tours – The Secret London Bike Tour

In London, you can do just that with the BrakeAway Bike Tours. Put on your helmet and hop on a bike because this tour is all about pedaling through secret spots in London! As you ride, you’ll see famous places, cozy parks, and hidden alleyways that cars can’t go to. Plus, friendly guides will tell you cool stories about each place you visit. It’s like a big bike ride with friends while learning fun facts about London. So, if you love feeling the wind in your hair and seeing new sights, this bike tour is perfect for you!

Sip and Discover: Liquid History Tours – Drink London Tour

Well, in London, there’s a special tour that’s all about tasty drinks and fun stories! It’s called the Drink London Tour by Liquid History Tours. As you walk through London’s charming streets, friendly guides will share tales about how people enjoyed drinks long ago. You’ll visit cozy pubs and taste special drinks that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy (don’t worry, it’s all child-friendly!). Each sip is like taking a little journey back in time, learning about London’s history in a super fun way. So, if you’re ready for a refreshing adventure filled with stories and sips, this tour is just the ticket!

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Art and Exploration: alternative london – street art walking tour

In London, there’s a whole world of beautiful art waiting for you to discover! With the Alternative London Street Art Walking Tour, you’ll walk through lively streets and see amazing artworks created by talented artists. These aren’t just any paintings; they’re big, bright, and tell special stories about London and its people. Friendly guides will show you the best spots, explaining how each piece of art is made and what it means. So, put on your walking shoes, grab your favorite hat, and get ready to be amazed by the incredible street art of London!

Mystery and History: The English Bus – Stonehenge, Bath & A Secret Place Tour

In London, there’s a magical bus tour that takes you on a journey to some of the most ancient and fascinating spots nearby! Hop aboard The English Bus, and get ready for an adventure. First, you’ll visit Stonehenge, a place with giant rocks that people built a long, long time ago. It’s a mystery how they got there! Next, you’ll travel to Bath, a city with natural hot springs where ancient Romans used to relax. And guess what? There’s even a secret place on the tour, but you’ll have to go on it to find out what it is! With stories, history, and lots of fun, this bus tour is a magical way to explore old and amazing places.

Cruising the Thames: City Experiences by Hornblower – Evening Cruise on the River Thames

Well, in London, you can do just that with a special evening cruise! The City Experiences by Hornblower offers a magical journey on the River Thames. As the sky turns from blue to pink and then to dark, you’ll be on a big boat, feeling the gentle waves beneath you. You’ll see famous London landmarks all lit up, like the London Eye and the Tower Bridge, making them look like sparkling jewels! Plus, there’s music, tasty snacks, and fun stories about the river and the city. It’s a relaxing and beautiful way to see London from a whole new angle, especially when the stars come out to play!

Tales from the Past: The Jack the Ripper Tour With Ripper-Vision

In London, there’s a tour that’s filled with tales from the past, and it’s a bit spooky too! The Jack the Ripper Tour with Ripper-Vision takes you back to Victorian times when people wore big hats and walked on cobblestone streets. You’ll follow the footsteps of detectives trying to solve a mystery about a person called Jack the Ripper. But don’t worry, it’s all safe and pretend! With special Ripper-Vision glasses, you’ll see old pictures come to life and feel like you’re right there in the past. It’s a thrilling adventure that gives you a peek into London’s history and mysteries.

Tea Time Adventure: Brigit’s Bakery London – Classic Afternoon Tea Bus London Tour

Delicious treats and a ride on a fancy bus! And guess what? In London, you can have both at the same time! Brigit’s Bakery offers a magical tour where you can enjoy a classic afternoon tea while riding on a beautiful bus around the city. Imagine sitting on a cozy bus, looking out the window at famous London sights, while munching on tasty sandwiches, scones, and cakes. Everything is decorated so pretty, and there’s even tea served in cute cups! It’s like having a fancy picnic on wheels, and it’s perfect for families who love yummy treats and seeing London in a unique way.

Spooky Fun: The Ghost Bus Tours

In London, there’s a tour that’s full of spooky tales and thrilling moments! Hop aboard the Ghost Bus Tours, and get ready for a ride you’ll never forget. This isn’t just any bus; it’s dark and mysterious, with storytellers who share eerie stories about London’s haunted past. As you cruise through the city streets, you’ll hear about ghostly figures, mysterious happenings, and legends that will send a shiver down your spine! But remember, it’s all in good fun, and you might even find yourself giggling at some of the silly scares. So, if you’re up for some spooky fun and exciting tales, this tour is the perfect way to experience London like never before.

With that thrilling ride through London’s ghostly tales, we’ve explored all the best tours this fantastic city has to offer! I hope you had as much fun reading about them as I did sharing them with you. Until our next adventure, keep exploring and dreaming big!