Be A Blogger Series – Part 8: Managing Widgets in WordPress

What Widgets actually Means

In WordPress, Widgets are used to customize content that can be displayed on all the pages of the blog. Widgets are quite often used for things like RSS links or just for categories. Most times Widgets are used to display relevant things on the sidebar like ads and graphics.

Widgets in Blogger!

Widgets are very useful when it comes to WordPress and they are very similar to Gadgets which can be added with While using we might have used various ‘Gadgets‘ to add things like Blog lists, pages, search box, followers, HTML/JavaScript. It can be done by simply clicking on Add a Gadget link as shown in the image below.

Widgets in WordPress!

Widgets are very useful in WordPress themes, like has with the name Gadgets. In you might use it to add various things like “blog lists”, “pages”, “search box”, “followers”, “Text”, some HTML/JavaScript by clicking on Add a Gadget link (see the image). Similarly instead of gadgets we have Widgets with WordPress.

WordPress provides us with some default widgets with the default theme. (At this moment Twenty Ten is the default theme with WordPress 3.0 and onwards)

How do we add and manage widgets in WordPress?

  • Click on Widgets option under Appearance menu.

  • You will enter in Widgets panel area where you can find many useful widgets.
  • When you install some Themes and Plugins you may get some extra Widgets related to that particular theme design. Widgets are very easy to handle. Just drag and drop a widget wherever you want.
  • Mostly widgets are added in the sidebar of the theme.

So I hope you learned about widgets. Please let us know how this series is going.