10 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Lady dreaming with an alarm clock!
Dreams are wonderful!

Dreams has an important role in forming and shaping the social and marriage life of a person – for both man and woman. There exist wide verities of people who have different opinions about dreaming and therefore they are often categorized as dream panicked people! Men and women dream about different things and incident about which they are not supposed to have in their actual life even though they possess strong belief about these things.

On the other hands, magicians and those who speculate and predict things, said that keeping trust in dreams always is not a good thing because these kinds of people pursue dreams in actual sense which is sometime impossible. Here are few interesting and spicy facts about dreams that can put you in amazement. You will be knowing many things about dreams in this post.

1. Terrifying Dreams

Such kinds of horrifying dreams are experienced by kids either male or female. The reason is that they are more prone to spirits and devils and kept strong believe in these things. Thus they usually awake with freighting voices late at night.

2. Dream Incorporation

It is term which states that external stimuli or external things usually affect your running dreams and enter your dreamy world. This can be a mosquito or blowing air or sometimes the voice of your roommate who is sleeping beside you or talking.

3. Women and Men Dream Differently

There exist a great variation in both of the sexes and it is said that men usually dream about aggressive actions and sometimes attributed with antisocial behavior. On the other hands women usually dream about romantic incidents and conversations with husband. Women experience delicate type of dreams and they are very sensitive in their true nature.

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4. Lucid Dreams

We can control our dreams in s state of lucid dreams such as vivid one and faint one. It is said that most of these people dream about incidents and doing very strange acts and during sleep they realize that they are in dream and thus they avoid doing something more strangely. This is usually happens with many people. Usually more than 5% people always dream in such ways which is very peculiar.

5. Symbolic Dreams

Sometimes dreams represent symbols and according to the dream tellers symbolic dreams are usually dangerous. Those people who see dreams in symbols like crawling snake and chasing thief are referred as symbols. The chasing thief may be your enemy or your friend who is going to pay you heavy loss.

6. Smokers have Vivid Dreams

People who have smoked cigarettes for a long time who stop, have reported much more vivid dreams than they would normally experience. Additionally, according to the Journal of Abnormal Psychology: “Among 293 smokers abstinent for between 1 and 4 weeks, 33% reported having at least 1 dream about smoking. In most dreams, subjects caught themselves smoking and felt strong negative emotions, such as panic and guilt.

7. Blind Individuals Dream

It is proved that those people who cannot see things due to the failure of the vision and eye problems, they saw dreams in their actual figures and presentation. Although they cannot see but rest of their senses make them able to dream each and everything. They can describe about their dreams just like as other do.

8. Forgetfulness about Dream

People used to forget about their dreams because they cannot remember each and everything they saw in their dreams. Whenever we see dream then we see a vivid and faint image. Famous poet Samuel Walker woke one day and began to write down his dream on paper and after five minutes he forgot about half of his dream like a wandered person.

9. Approachable Dreams

You know that you cannot dream about these things about which you do not have any knowledge. There is a limitation about your dream world. You have only dream of all those things which are running on your mind like a wandering person and aimless thoughts.

10. Colorless Dreams

Not all of us dream in color patterns or in actual colors. It is said that almost 12% of the people dream in black and white color or they dream in colorless pictures and video. Their photographic memory sometimes sees the black and white images instead of color images.