The Benefit Of Ginger for Health

For a long time ginger has  been known  as a healthy food item that brings health benefits, famous scientist Confucius always include ginger to food he was taking. Romans and Greeks made ​​ginger as a main food that should be taken during the long journey across the sea.

In India and China, it has long been known for its cuisine and treatment that undoubtedly usefulness. Indonesian people love to make “Wedang Jahe” or warm drink mixed ginger and a little sugar to keep body warm when is cold or to relieve flatulence and colds.

Ginger contains Phenol which has known anti-inflammatory effects and nutritious treat joint disease and overcome muscle strain. Ginger also contains zingilberene and Shogol, this compound is known as an anti-oxidant and also effective against cancer and heart disease.

In addition to it which has been mentioned above, there are many more other substances contained in ginger. The substances include minerals sineol, fellandren, resin oil, camphor, zingiberin, borneol, zingiberol, gigerol (most are found mainly in red ginger), aminos acids, zingeron, vitamin A, B1, C, lipidas, protein, niacin and many others.

As for the health benefits of ginger include: nutritious reduce hypertension, aid digestion, blood circulation, counteracting free radicals, treat injuries, prevent cancer, migraine cure, prevent irregular menstrual cycle, treat morning sickness, lowering cholesterol and much more.