10 Bad Habits that Deplete Brain

Care about your brain, and it is better if you re-examine the little habits that you take for granted but have a negative impact on your brain.

1. Don’t Breakfast
Many people underestimate the breakfast. In fact do not eat anything in the morning cause a drop in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which eventually ended in the brain deterioration. Best breakfast in the morning is not a heavy food like special fried rice, but enough water and a glass of fresh fruit juice. Quick and useful to the body!

2. Too Much Eat
Too much eat harden the brain vessels that usually leads to the decrease in mental power. So eat a normal portion. Familiarize yourself with how to hold eating before you’re stuffed.

3. Smoke Habit
Everyone would already know if smoking have bad effect. And there is one more bad effects of cigarette are revealed here. Smoking appeared to result in a very terrible on the brain! Imagine, the human brain can gradually shrink and eventually loses its functions caused by smoking habit. No doubt in the old age even when still young age smoker are prone to Alzheimer’s.

4. Consuming Too Much Sugar
Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients so that the body’s lack of nutrition and also bothered the brain development. Therefore, reduce the consumption of your favorite sweets.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the part of body’s that most widely permeating the air. Too long in high air pollution environment makes the brain works inefficiently.

6. Lack of Sleep
Sleep gives the brain a chance to rest. Often neglect sleep makes brain cells to die exhausted. But do not get too much sleep because it can make you become lazy and sluggish. Better sleep 6-8 hours a day to be healthy and fit.

7. Close the head during sleep
Sleeping with the head covered is a bad habit that very dangerous because of the carbon dioxide that produced during sleep is concentrated so that contaminated the brain. Do not be surprised if over time the brain becomes damaged.

8. Thinking Too Hard When Sick
Working hard or studying when the condition of the body is not fit also aggravate the ineffectiveness of the brain. If you are nt on healthy condition, you should do total rest and do not force your brain.

9. Lack of Brain Stimulation
Thinking is the best way to train the brain works. Less thought would make the brain shrink and eventually not function optimally. Reading, listening to music and playing (chess, scrabble, etc.) to make your brain used to think actively and creatively.

10. Rarely Talk
Intellectual conversation usually bring a good effect on the brain. So do not be too proud to be quiet person. Quality chat is very good for your health brain.