Beware & Be Aware Signs in a Love Relationship


The distance between love and breaking up is just skin deep. We don’t always know if someone we love, loves us the same in return. Or, when someone we love no longer loves us and actually wants to break up with us. There are tell tale signs in a love relationship which determine if someone you love actually loves you or wants to leave you. We’ve compiled a list for you.

The ‘Be Aware’ Signs!

There are some obvious signs which tell you if someone really loves you:


  1. Wishes he/she could spend every moment with you.
  2. Worries about you when you’re sick or late.
  3. Can spend hours on the phone with you.
  4. Tells his/her deepest secret to you.
  5. Would rather go to your place rather than be seen at the party of the year.
  6. Gets miserable whenever he/she thinks about the possibility of ever being without you.
  7. Says, “I love you”…. and you feel the exactly the same way about him/her.

The ‘Beware’ Signs !

However, beware when you notice some of the following signs which may indicate your partner may no longer love you or wants to break up.


  1. Does not even bother to call you for days.
  2. Doesn’t bother when both of you don’t spend time together.
  3. Doesn’t do or say anything when his/her friends are rude to you.
  4. Says that he/she can not find anything in common with you anymore.
  5. Doesn’t care what happens to the relationship even though both of you know the future’s not bright.
  6. Can’t create a good conversation with you so both of you finally never talk at all.

So, are you experiencing any of the signs above? If you’re still unsure, there’s no better way than to ask your partner  directly : “Do you love me ?” or “Do you want to leave me?”

It’s worth a try as it’s about your heart, your happiness and your life at the end of the day!


4 responses to “Beware & Be Aware Signs in a Love Relationship”

  1. Nice to read the article. But i am not agree with all of the signs indicated in the article. There are so many people never understand each in their entire life. I think the best thing is to respect each other so that you never needs to follow the signs.

  2. So true, still its so much complicated and some signs is un realistic to me sometime. Anyway, its a good counselling type article. I want more related to this