Opposite Personalities That Can Make or Break Relationship

Opposite Personalities
Opposite Personalities

Husbands and wives who are exact opposites can have a great marriage. But certain opposite personalities are just not made for each other. If you are going steady, or still looking for the right one, this “knowledge” can be advantageous. A normal boy-girl relationship usually aims at a stronger commitment, or say, marriage

Here are opposite qualities that make for a winning marriage combination :


Thinking – Feeling :


Thinkers make decisions only after weighing everything carefully, but their lives would be dull without an emotional partner. And emotional spouses benefit from thinking mates who prevent them from making foolish decisions.


Work – Home oriented :


Loving couples with these opposite traits can influence one another so that both partners understand and appreciate work and home life. A wife who provides her work-oriented husband with a clean, tidy and happy home gives him an oasis where he escapes the daily grind. A husband who communicates the excitement of his job to his wife can inspire her to find meaningful work outside the home.


Introvert – Extrovert :

An extrovert partner helps the shy one relax and enjoy life more. The introvert helps the outgoing one slow down a bit and realize he or she doesn’t have to be constantly surrounded by people to have a good time.


And here are the opposite qualities that could make marriages, or boy-girl relationships, end as disasters :


Messy – Tidy :

These types drive one another crazy because they infringe on one another constantly, one spouse feels that he or she is doing a larger share of the work around the house. The other can’t relax because the tidy mate is always reminding the messy partner to hang up clothes and put the cap back on the toothpaste. These differences might seem trivial but they can cause a lot of trouble.


Judgmental – Non judgmental :

Non judgmental spouses resent mates who always criticize them and their friends or find something wrong with every party and movie they attend. Judgmental people, however, can’t stomach someone who never has a critical opinion about anything.


Verbal – Non verbal :

A verbal person likes to chatter away about inner feelings and the day’s events. And he or she is bothered that a nonverbal spouse hates to talk. Nonverbal people don’t believe that every single thing needs to be discussed and dislike it when a mate tries to force conversation.



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  1. Opposite personality can break the relationship cause its really hard for anyone to maintain that short of relationship with anyone.