Climb Up The Hill with Elevator at Bailong Elevator, China.

Riding elevators in high-rise buildings or shopping malls are things we used to do. But have you ever thought of getting to the top of hill with elevators like in the shopping malls.

If you want to feel the thrill of climb up the hill without having fatigue-tired of climb, then you can visit the Bailong elevator in Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, China.

Bailong elevator is an elevator that set in the hillside, the elevator is also known as the Hundred Dragons Elevators, with a height of 330 meters, this outdoor elevator is claim as the tallest and heaviest elevators in the world. This is the only elevator that lifts people up into the hills.

This glass elevators can lift 48 passengers at a time, with only taking 2 minutes 2 seconds to reach the top of the hill.

This elevator was built during 1999 to 2002, at a cost of 120 million yuan, or about $ 19 million. This elevators still standing, although the construction is harsh criticism from environmental activists because the elevator is built in the middle of a world heritage site.