Creepy Island of Dolls in Mexico

Doll Island or the Island of Dolls located in southern Mexico is a scary place, as the name of the island there are dozens of old dolls hanging between tree branches and fallen trees. Mutilated and dirty Dolls hanging looks scary.

Doll island of Mexico

The story begins when 50 years ago a little girl drowning in the canal on the island. The island was only inhabited by a hermit named Julián Santana Barrera, shortly after the death of the little girl, Barera fishing one by one doll from the canal. Barera believe that it is a sign of evil spirits, he was left hanging the dolls in the branches of trees to protect themselves from evil spirits and to calm the spirit of the girl.

Doll Island

Until now, the dolls remain on leave with such a daunting subject, Barera was deliberately not cleaned until he drowned 50 years later on canal where was the girl drowned. Isn’t it a creepy story alright ?