Saint Martin – The Ultimate Beauty of Bangladesh

In the North-eastern part of the Bay of Bengal St. Martin’s Island is situated. It is about 9 kilometer south of the tip of the Teknaf Peninsula (Teknaf is a area which is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh), from the northwest coast of Myanmar it is about kilometer west, at the mouth of the Naf River. Naf River is situated on the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Narical Gingira is the local name of St. Martins Island. It means Coconut Island in Bengali. This Island is the only coral island of Bangladesh.

In the St.Martin Island 5,500 inhabitants live from fishing. Some other staple crops are coconut and rice. Collection of Algae is very common in this island. People collect and dry it then export to Myanmar. From October to April many fishermen bring their caught fish to this island for selling in the whole sale market.

In the St Martine Island Motel Nijhum is one of the best hotel. Beside this Abokash,Nil Diganto,Blue Marine,Ratnadeep Resort,Prashud  Paradise and Sraboni Bilash are also well known hotels. Near the seashore all these motels and hotels are situated. In this island you will not have any taxis, tarred roads or electricity. Hotels of this island run on generator. In this island no electricity supply is available from National Grid. Sun,Sea and Palm trees are all about the island. The island comes alive with water and beach sports, with beach parties during the day.

Chera Dwip is an extension of St. Island. A small bush is found there which the only green part of this area, attracting the tourist. In this Chera Dwip people do not live – So one can go there for a silent view of nature and ocean.

Now-a-days St. Martine Island has become a popular tourist spot. Towards St. Martin, five shipping liners run daily. These are Keary-sindbad ,Keary cruise and Dine, Eagle, L T Kutubdia, Shahid Sher Niabat.  From Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar tourist can book their trip. The major tourist season of this island is November to February. You will get the best weather in this time.

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