Developing Fast Memory Tricks

Harvard University is no doubt one of the best universities of the World. We can easily assume that the students who are lucky enough to be admitted there are amongst the best calibre of academic students there are. Harvard Medical University researchers have done studies to show how their students’ are able to succeed academically by using fast memory tricks to succeed at Harvard. Below are a few pointers that the majority of Harvard students used to ensure they had great memory.

1. Use diaries and calendars

Keep information and items you need all the time—keys, wallet, mobile, lists of birthdays and appointments—in designated spots. This minimises distractions, conserves mental energy and helps you concentrate on absorbing new information.

2. Think brain-confident

Believe you’re in control of your memory function, and it’s more likely you will be, say the Harvard Medical School researchers. If you believe in negative stereotypes about ageing and bad memory, then you’re actually contributing to your own bad memory function. Make regular contact with positive older role models, and try new activities that spark your memory brain function such as learning another language, taking up dance classes or engaging in mental exercises.

3. Space out repetition

Repetition is one of the most powerful learning tools, but it works even better when you time it properly. Rather than quickly repeating something over and over, review important facts at intervals: one hour later, a few hours later, then a day later. ‘Spaced rehearsal’ improves recall, say researchers.

4. Make a mnemonic

Get creative when remembering lists. Mnemonics are word devices that help you conjure up information sequences. (For example, a common mnemonic for injury treatment is RICE, which reminds you to apply Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.)

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  1. It would be easy for everyone to maintain a diary or a note book to maintain yearly schedule, so that it can be easy to keep your memory alive.

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