How to avoid mobile phone radiation

The use of mobile phones in addition to ease of communication it also raises radiation that could harm the health. The radio signal is issued by the device are carcinogenic a precursor of cancer.

Various issues of disease and the symptoms of mobile phone radiation disturbances such as dizziness, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors. Medical science continues to bring up the pros and cons related to this issue.

To avoid things we do not want it helps us take action to prevent exposure to radiation from mobile phones continuously:

1. Use headset
Almost all mobile phones are equipped with headset, headset use when calling, especially if you are doing call in the long run. Because by using headset can reduce cell phone radiation to the brain.


2. Activating Features Flight Mode
By activating flight mode feature can turn off the signal emitted during flight. In this way the cell phone radiation will also be stopped. Do a flight mode feature when you sleep or when the phone is not in use to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation to the body.


3. Do not Use Mobile Phone While Weak Signal
Using a cell phone when the signal is weak progressively enlarge radiation, because the weak signal will make the phone work harder to radiate radio signals to capture the weak signal.


4. Use Text or Short Message Service
To avoid mobile phone radiation it helps you to communicate via Text or SMS, cause when sending SMS or text the phone do not issued radiation as large as than make phone calls.





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