How to Avoid Eye Tiredness When In Front Of Computer

More than ever, we’re spending more time in front of computer screens due to the fact that we’re living in an era of Technology.ย  We spend numerous time in front of the computer to do business, work, school tasks, to play games and socialise.

Spending too much time in front of computer screen can have a bad effect on our eyes. Our eyes become unfocused, burn, red and irritated.

There are some tips to avoid eye tiredness:

  1. Maintain The Visibility Range to Monitor

Maintaining the visibility range with the monitor is very important. Do not get too close because it will be bad for your eyes and don’t sit too far away that you may find it difficult to read the writing on the monitor. The ideal viewing distance between your eyes and the monitor is about 20-40 inches or about 50-100 cm from the eyes.

  1. Use an LCD Screen Monitor

The LCD screen monitor gives out a lower radiation effect than a CRT Screen Monitor (Tube Monitor). Besides that, the LCD Screen Monitor is saves more energy than the CRT Screen Monitor. Adjust the brightness and the contrast of the screen on the right position by making it not too bright or too dark. Set the screen background in a way that does not hurt the eyes when staring at the screen.

  1. Blink Your Eyes more often

When you work in front of the screen, your eyes will blink less often than normal. This leads to eyes becoming dry and irritated. Rest your eyes every 20 minutes by blinking it fast 10 times, then close your eyes for 2 minutes to restore the humidity.

  1. Wear Anti – Radiation Eyeglasses

Anti-radiation glasses can reduce the adverse effects of radiation on the eye. Anti-radiation glasses have a layer of anti-radiation that can reduce the effects of pain in the eyes when you are in front of the computer, watching TV and protects the eyes from the car light while you drive.

  1. Rest Your Eyes

Try to rest your eyes for 5 minutes every hour when you work in front of the screen. Use 5 minutes to walk around, see the sights, or wash your face. Perform other activities and stay away from the screen for 5 minutes. And when it’s break time, use this time entirely to rest your eyes by avoiding browsing through your mobile phone or playing games on the phone, because it will cause your eyes to become even more tired.

3 responses to “How to Avoid Eye Tiredness When In Front Of Computer”

  1. I’m addicted to Computer a lot & also use a lot of time in front of Computer. Sometimes, I feel uncomfortable to my eyes while using computer for a long time. ๐Ÿ™ Hope these nice tips will help me to avoid eye tiredness while using Computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Headeque is a common ache in my life. And PC makes it worse. Thanks for the writing. it will help a lot !