Select Your Food Before Sleep

What do you eat before going to bed can help you sleep soundly or even make you difficult to sleep or be the cause of the accumulation of fat in the body. There are some foods that should be eaten and avoided before bedtime.

Here are some recommended foods to eat before bed:

  1. Soybean

Soybean is kind of nuts that are high in protein and rich in nutrients, one of the protein is called as an amino acid or known as tryptophan. Tryptophan helps cause drowsiness so it helps you to sleep soundly.


  1. Whole wheat

Whole grain products such as whole wheat bread is a complex carbohydrate that contain more fiber and nutrients and are digested more slowly than other foods. By eating whole grains before bed can cause relaxation and prevent hunger in the middle of the night so you can sleep more soundly.


  1. Warm Low Fat Milk

Dairy products such as low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese contain a lot of carbohydrates and tryptophan which helps induce sleepiness and relaxation. Patients who have trouble sleeping can be given warm low-fat milk before bed.


  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are sources of antioxidant foods that increase the body’s ability to protect themselves from infection and illness and nourish the body and prevent obesity.
Fruits and vegetables which best eaten before bedtime are berries, ceeri, orange, pomegranate, green vegetables, cabbage and broccoli.


Foods to Avoid before bed:

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. If you consume caffeine before bed will make you hard to sleep and you certainly do not want to stay up all night is not it? Beside much found in coffee, caffeine also found in tea, soda, and chocolate, if you are sensitive to caffeine so avoid these beverages before bedtime.


  1. Spicy food and Garlic

Spicy foods and foods containing garlic can cause heart burn (burning sensation in the chest) if taken before bed.


  1. Chips and Salty Food

Eating salty chips or snack before bed can make puffed stomach that leading to discomfort during sleep, Moreover you will be more frequent urination which can interfere sleep.


  1. Kind Of Nuts

Nut is healthy because it contains unsaturated fats, but if you consume nuts before bed can disrupt the body’s ability to sleep because nuts contain of sodium.


  1. High Sugar and Fatty Foods

High sugar and fatty food can be hard to digest by the body, which eventually makes sleep disturbed. Consuming high sugar before bed also cause insulin imbalance and give a burst of energy.