How to lose your weight 10kg in 10 days

The common problem of the modern world is heavyweight. We became very possessive with that. Many of us tried a lot, but fail to lose his or her wet.

But now I am describing a short technique to lose your wet in 10 days. That is the diet that helped my mom to 10kg in 10 days. It is the proven method.

So, why we are waiting for it? Get ready for that and fellow to plan. I guarantee you that you will lose weight within 10 days………..

How to lose your weight 10kg in 10 days

In breakfast

The Diet plan will start with breakfast. You need to have two hard-boiled eggs and you can have a tomato if you want as your breakfast.

At 10.30 am

Then at 10.30 am eat a big red grapefruit (they burn fat). Remember that only one.


At 1.30 pm

maintain your time with our schedule make your lunch at 1.30 pm. In your lunch, you will eat only 200 grams of chicken breast. Do not eat rice or other with it. Only chicken, you will eat.

At 3.10 pm

In the afternoon at 3.10 pm, you will eat two apples. Do not take tea, biscuits, or other. Two apples have free from fat and resist your hungriness and give you strength to work.


At 6.00 pm

You will eat 200 grams of the fish fillet at 6 pm. It is very healthy for your body and makes you fit to move.


At 8.00 pm

At the time of dinner, you will eat a big orange only. It is full of vitamins and nitration. It is very helpful for your health.

This is the diet that helps you lose weight in 10 days. Follow the time and plan within 10 days, you will get your result. It is a proven plan.

If you feel any problem or question, then you can contact me through a comment. This is an effective way to lose weight within 10 days. So, do not wait and start today and lose weight.



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