Drug Effects On The Nervous System Of Brain

Today, a big area of research is on drug effects. Scientists are researching it on a big scale. People who take drugs expect the desired results and therefore due to this reason, legal drugs such as the cough syrup used for the suppression of coughing are being sold as an illegal drug in the market. Along with these, people use alcohol, crystal meth and crack cocaine and many more to feel the effects more. Each drug has its own effect and are all used in different ways.

Let us have a look at the effects of drugs

The drugs which are addictive enter one’s body through many routes and make their way through the blood stream and then go straight to the brain. After reaching the brain it starts affecting the whole nervous system of the body. These drugs initially affect only one part of the brain as according to the scientists. The effect of these comes into occurrence when we are involved in our basic necessities like eating, drinking, and sex. We feel delighted when the effects of the drugs release chemicals to the whole parts of the body and then make us repeat taking them in the continuous manner. What it actually does is it mimics the natural chemicals of the brain and instead of making us survive more as creatures, it teaches us to take more drugs. Continuous intake of drugs changes the working of the brain and thus leads eventually to addiction.

Consequences of drugs on the Brain

Scientists have researched in abundance from the last few years the effects of  drugs which centrally affects central nervous system.

  1. First of all the drug effects the brain in case of adolescents
  1. Secondly, the malleability of the brain and its awe-inspiring power to indemnify for change, can contribute to drug-gimpy brains.
  1. Thirdly, positive nerve cells appear to be livelier than others to dose effects. Most of the drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, etc,  tend to figure out by enhancing dopamine levels in the corpus amygdaloideum and other delight regions of the brain.

What goes on is the pleasant experience with a feeling of pleasure because the secreting dopamine which is a major brain chemical, goes into the amygala region of your brain. The dopamine doorways open up to receive the chemical and causes the pleasure part on fire.

Anyhow, the problem arises due to the repetitive use of drugs. However, the brain is efficient and self correcting but it forgets to act normally if you start providing regular intense serges of dopamine. The brain then starts compensating for disturbance by either reducing the yielding of dopamine or engaging and getting rid of dopamine receptor sites.  After that, the brain could not define the good or bad even if it is a living tissue and it just seeks to correct the imbalance that you have created by regular intake.  Thus, the person is prone to its production and he is limited to dopamine doorways on receptor sites.

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