Integrating Facebook ‘Like Box’ in Joomla Website

Have you ever wanted to know how to integrating Facebook ‘Like Box’ button to your personal website or blog? While adding the ‘like button’ may look very complex as it does some ajaxing and server side code validation, its very easy to do. To be honest you can add a like button within 5 minutes. Just follow these simple instructions and your Joomla site can become part of the Facebook social network. As you already know ( I hope!) adding a Like button will allow people to “like” your site as well as the content on your site, and connect to the Facebook page that represents your web site.

Okay, So let’s start the procedure 🙂

To connect your Joomla site to Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook developer page here:
  2. Enter the page number (found in your Facebook page URL) of your Facebook page.
    1. If you don’t have one, go to Facebook Create Page wizard and create a Brand >> Website page for your site.
  3. Enter the height (typically 400 pixels) that you want for the Like widget
  4. Click the Get Code button to generate the Facebook Code.
  5. Open the Joomla Administrator on your site
  6. Navigate to the Module Manager
  7. Click the New button
  8. Select Custom HTML
  9. Paste the code into the HTML box (make sure the editor is turned off).
  10. Give the module a name
  11. Click the Hide Title radio button
  12. Select the Module Position where you want the widget to appear
  13. Click Save

That’s it. It’s so simple. Isn’t it? Please give your feed back on this article and make sure you keep coming back to view  some cool and useful articles.  See you in the next post. Till then have a healthy and happy life.

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