How to find the location of email sender

Email is one of the most frequently used features of Internet users. Almost all people who have access to the Internet must have an email. One of the advantages of email that we can send letters, files, and images more quickly than the conventional way.

In addition to the benefits that we can get, on the other hand there is also a misuse email to negative things such as fraud, defamation, and so on. As we already know, that a lot of the spread of e-mail spam (junk email). They (the email sender) may obtain your personal information by spoofing their email for example a bank email, etc.

To to see whether the email you received is real or fake can by performing email trace, following the steps. Here I assume you are using a Yahoo :

  1. Login to email and go to your inbox and open the email you want to check.

  1. Then click the “Action” menu and select “View Full Header”

    Then will appear the header of your email.


  1. Next copy the header text. And open address to perform trace.
  2. Then paste your header in the field provided on the site. Then the result will be visible. You will obtain data such as location, ip sender, etc.
    With these tips, hopefully you can future more careful of any email that comes into your inbox to avoid unwanted problems. it will help you to find the location of email sender and take actions accordingly.

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