Vanga Pandeva, who predicted many of the major global shocks, given bad news for 2016 and many more…

Vanga Pandeva, who predicted many of the major global shocks, given bad news for 2016 and many more…

Who is she?

 (31 January 1911 – 11 August 1996), Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova was a blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist from the region of Macedonia. Millions of people around the world were convinced that she possessed paranormal abilities.

 In her childhood, Vangelia was an ordinary child with brown eyes and blonde hair. A turning point in her life was a tornado which lifted Vanga up and threw her in a nearby field. She was found after a long search. Witnesses described her as very frightened, and her eyes were covered with sand and dust, she was unable to open them because of the pain. There was money only for a partial operation to heal the injuries she had sustained, this resulted in a gradual loss of sight.

o-BABA-VANGA-facebookVanga claimed that her extraordinary abilities had something to do with the presence of invisible creatures, but she could not clearly explain their origin. She said that those creatures gave her information about people, which she could not transmit to them, because distance and time didn’t matter. According to Vanga, the life of everyone standing in front of her was like a film to her from birth until death. But changing “what was written on the generation” was beyond her power.

Sources such as “Wiesler Field Guide to the Paranormal” claim that she foretold the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl disaster, the date of Stalin’s death, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk, the September 11 attacks. She also anticipated the devastating Tsunami in 2004 that hit the Thai coast.” A big wave will cover a large coast with people and villages where everything disappear under water”.

Predicciones de Baba Vanga

Vanga attempted to prophesy about newborn or unborn children. She said that she was “seeing” and “talking” to people, who had died hundreds of years ago. Vanga talked about the future, although she did not like to. In her words, in 200 years man will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. She said that many aliens have been living on the earth for years. They came from the planet, which in their language is called Vamfim, and is the third planet from the Earth.

Followers of Vanga believe that she predicted the precise date of her own death, dreaming that she would die on 11 August, and be buried on 13 August. Shortly before that she had said that a ten-year-old blind girl living in France was to inherit her gift, and that people would soon hear about her.

Vanga reached news headlines after apparently predicting the 9/11 terror attacks.

Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.

— Predicted in 1989 by Baba Vanga.


Vanga’s predictions that have yet to happen :

1.       The 44th President of the United States will be the last US president. She said “African American president would be the last acting president of the U.S.

2.       In 2018 China will be the first “super power” in the world taking the lead from the already worn U.S.

3.        “Great Islamic War” would begin in Syria. Europe will be transformed into an Islamic caliphate and the transformation will be complete in the year 2043.

4.       The population of the Europe will disappear as a result of war.

5.       She also said that in 2023 the Earth’s orbit would change, which would “melt the poles” and set fire in the “Middle East”.

6.       Communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world in 2076.

7.       Aliens will help man to live under water in 2130.

8.       A new sun illuminates the dark side of the planet. This could refer to a scientific project that began in 2008 and will create an artificial sun using nuclear energy.

9.       Two artificial sun collide and leave the earth in total darkness.

10.    There will be a war on Mars in 3005 and will change the trajectory of the planet.

11.   A comet riches the Moon, so the Earth is covered by a ring of rocks and ashes.

12.   Vanga assured that there will be no survivors on earth, circa 3797. But mankind has advanced enough to move a new solar system.

13.   The universe will end in 5079.

We only can wait and see if her prophecies become true or not!