What Girls can do to have a Great Relationship with their Boyfriends

All relationships go through difficult periods in which partners may disagree or fight about on specific issues. We all want to be in a loving and healthy relationship. Many girls especially want to know how to maintain a great relationship with their boyfriend. In this article, I’d like to share with you some facts  about relationships that will help you create and maintain a great and happy relationship with your boyfriend. By the way, I offer this advice from the perspective of a man.


Here are the facts: simple and straightforward.

  • The first thing you have to build in the relationship with your boyfriend is trust. Be honest and straight up with him always.
  • Taking the time to understand and communicate with your boyfriend is important in creating a strong relationship.
  • Share some of your past to your boyfriend. Some people think that it is not necessary to share all of your past with your boyfriend. I”m not suggesting that you share everything about your past but  you have to share  those  important things that might hurt your boyfriend especially in cases where he may  find out something about you from somebody else. Sharing some of your past may also make your boyfriend understand you a lot more.
  • Identify the problems in the relationship with your boyfriend and try to overcome them.
  • Respect him if he wants to hang out with his friends sometimes. Respect his independence. You should spend time with your friends as well! Having a relationship doesn’t mean that you should do every single thing together. You’ll drive each other crazy easily.
  • Don’t give him pressure. No one  likes to feel pressured. It can often turn your boyfriend off you and keep his distance from you.
  • Don’t always expect him to give you gifts.  Not all men have enough money to spend on you. Also, he might not know what to get you. So don’t ask him for things beyond his means as that will make him feel like he HAS to buy you something. Even worse, he may feel useless and suffer low esteem.
  • Every man is different in attitude and nature . Some men love to cuddle and are touchy feeling types but there are men that are not like this. Some men may be shy, others may be outgoing. Don’t expect him to change his personality and nature for you. Accept him the way he is!
  • Don’t ask him too many personal questions as very often, it will hamper your relationship.


Girls, while I understand it may be difficult for some of you to follow these tips, I write it as a man myself. Remember, not every man may think the same as me, however, I would say most men think like me. I’ve given you some general tips so that if you follow them or most of them, your boyfriend will feel like the  most  happiest and loved man on the planet 😀

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