Which Goal’s The Best For You ?

The Best Goal
The Best Goal

Setting goal is the most important thing to do for those who want to be successful in life. I Believe a goal is like a destination. If you step out your house, however, you need destination. Thus, your being off home has an aim. Otherwise you will go around and around without any direction.

Setting goals mean that you have something to direct your life, giving you chances to get what you want in life. Setting goal can be a starting step to happiness. Because life without goals are unhappiness itself.

And what are the better goals than social-concerned goals ? It is a kind of truth that the more selfish goals you have, the less satisfied and meaningful life you will have. If you dream of being successful, and you are so self obsessed that there is nothing in your mind except for this dream. You may end up success but you have none around. Success is not about how much you take, success is also about your happiness, your peace of mind.

To be success you have to include three circles of success, I.e.: relationship, community and career. Your relationship includes family, spouse, friends and other who are close to you. Community is where you are living around. And career is, well, where you are working now. If you success only in one or two of them, you are not as successful as what you think you are.

Below are seven characteristics of goals you can have in life according Stedman Graham :

  1. Goals must be realistic

Imagination may be one of the most important means for you to get what you want in life, most self-help books agree about that. But in setting goals, you should be realistic. If you set goals very imaginative, and thus difficult to reach, chances are your goals are only wishful thinking. Instead of reaching them within certain time, you will leave them behind at once.

  1. Goals must be meaningful

Every new year each of us set goals, but because only base on wishful thinking, within the middle of the year we go nowhere. In short we fail reaching our own goals. Why this can happen ? Because the goals you have set are not linked with the whole vision of your life. For example : Recording his singing in album is meaningful for a singer. But if you only love listening to music without any music background, to set a goal of recording your singing is by no means meaningful.

  1. Goals must be well-defined

Goals should be specific. You have to have specific destination and time. The result should be visible that you will know exactly whether you succeed or not. Use verb that demand action. For example : “Someday, I think I will try to have my own home-base business”, instead of use that sentences better you change that to be more specific like this : “In year’s time, I have my own home-business”. So there are specific time and destination to reach your goal.

  1. Goals must excite you

The best goals will excite you, if the goals make your parents happy but make you unhappy, they are not the best goals for you. So set the goals that are suitable with you.

  1. Goals should follow a natural progression to a certain target

Your goals must be set in such a way that they altogether make – step by step – one goal which is the ultimate one of your life is directed to. If you want to learn swimming in swimming pool nearby, there is a terminal goal to get your ultimate goal. This goal is having a swimming pack. You should have money either to buy it or to enroll to swimming course. So to get a some of money is your first goal. The next is to buy the swimming pack and to pay the course fee. You will not reach your ultimate goal of being able to swim, before having a sum of money. Old proverb says : First thing first !

  1. Goals may need fine-tuning

None obliges you to stick to a certain goal constantly. Meaning that, you can change your goal. Supposed, you thought that you were good at writing and wanted to spend your life writing best novels. But along the way, you may find another job is exciting, and make you earn big money and enables you to meet people. So a change a goal is not impossible. You are the one who knows what you really want in life, are not you ?

  1. Goals do not Isolate you

When you sets goals, you may focus your life on your goals. This may make you forget anything but your goals. You will do anything to reach these goals. You don’t care about anything else except your struggle to reach goals. You forget your family. You leave your girlfriend. Instead of making friends, you make enemies of many people when you are thriving to them. And when you reach these goals, you feel very much lonelier than before, having no friends around you and your family estranged. If these are what happen to you, the goals have set isolate you. In conclusion, they are not good goals.

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