How To Create New Spirit ( Get Rid Of Boredom )

How To Get Rid Boredom
How To Get Rid Boredom

Often we get caught up in the daily routines of life, we wake up, shower, eat, go to work, go home at night, watch television and sleep again. Trapped in a daily routine can make us feel tired and lose the spirit of life. But do not worry there are ways and tricks that we can create new spirit and release our boredom due to a routine.

Actually we do not have to travel long distances such as several weeks for vacation abroad which of course will spend a lot of time, money and effort. If we want  to, we can attempt to be creative and find some ways to relieve boredom and to revive a new spirit of life.

For those of you who feel stuck in a boring routine, below are seven ideas that might be of inspiration to you.

And luckily, all is cheap…..

1. Rearrange the furniture

Bored with a sleeping position away from the window? Why don’t you try to rearrange the location of the bed? The feel of a gentle breeze that blows through the window of the room can make your sleep more sound at night.

2. Another way to the office …..

Using the same route daily every time you go to work/back home again could be one of the most monotonous activities. Why not try another route?  Though it might be further, who knows what you might find along the way. You might suddenly find a new cafe that would be a cool place to hangout.

3. Exchange knowledge with your friends

Say you’re talented in embroidery whilst your friend is very good at cooking. Why don’t you try to share and exchange your knowledge with each other?

In addition to adding value to your current skills set, the exchange knowledge event gives you an opportunity to socialize with friends regularly.

4. Shopping for the wardrobe

Bored with the collection of your clothes, but also not enough money to buy a new one?

Let’s be creative! Digging the contents of the wardrobe and finding clothes that are long buried in it can create its own pleasure.

You can also redesign the clothes that might be outdated. Add a few accessories together with pieces of this and that, and voila, you have new clothes! … taraaa was born in a wardrobe.

5. Being a tourist in your own town ….

Not enough funds to take a trip to others places does not make your idea die right?

You can really be a tourist in your own town. Try and visit a tasty bakery, drop by to the museum or park, and eat dinner at a fun place.

6. Achieve your long time dream.

Have you ever wanted to learn Korean, the Chinese or Spanish languages?

Then, why not start now? Immediately sign up and learn.You will be amazed with the new sensation that is felt when your a long time dream has come true.

7. Create a blog

Okay, you’ve already exchanged your knowledge with friends, redecorated your bedroom, redesigned your clothing, and even enjoyed the thrill of being a tourist in your own town.

It is now time to pour out and write about all your wonderful experiences in a blog. Even better if there are pictures! Invite your friends especially those involved in your ‘enlightenment’ show to co-write.

Commemorate the fun together while sharing the knowledge and experience!

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