10 World Famous Love Story

These love stories are the most famous love story in the world, this love story is so inspiring and heart touched, even some of this love story made the film. I hope these stories inspire us to keep on loving.

10. Annie Oakley dan Frank Butlers

In 1940 there was Irish musical film titled “Annie Get Your Gun”, this film was inspired from the love story of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. Annie Oakley was a shooter. In 1881, Baughman and Butler held shooting performance in Cincinnati. Frank E Butler challenged the shooter to compete. But Frank was so surprised when his challenged accepted by Annie Oakley. On their competition, Butler defeated and Annie won the competition. Butler fell in love to Annie and at last they married on June 20, 1882. Frank then retired from shoot world and more focus to build his family live with Annie. Annie than died in 1926 and Frank follow his wife died 18 days after.


9. Salim and Anarkali

Prince Salim was son of King Akbar (The emperor of Great Mughal). Prince Salim was known as messy and impolite person, then he fell in love to the palace maid named Anarkali. They both are fall in love, but King Akbar disagree to their relationship. King Akbar considered Anarkali as teaser women. King Akbar try to fond many way to separated them. King Akbar then sent Prince Salim for a duty, and at that time Anarkali buried lived on the wall stone. This story make all people in tear when listened to it.


8. Antony and Cleopatra

It’s the between nation love story, love story between the handsome Mark Anthony from Roman and The last pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra. This love story take places around the years 31 BC. The story then told again by the famous writer Shakespeare that make this story known worldwide. Mark Anthony leaved his wife, Octavia because seduced by the beauty of Cleopatra. Octavia feel heart sick. Octavia’s brother named Octavian, destroyed they both by the Romans soldiers. It’s told during the war with Romans, Mark Anthony got news (which turned out to be false news) that Cleopatra killed. Mark Anthony believed that news that he committed suicide. Cleopatra that had hear if her lover died than she also committed suicided by poison. This story similar to Romeo Juliet from Verona, Italy.


7. Juan and Evita Peron

Juan and Evita Peron was a couple from Argentina around the year 1940. Evita herself was second wife of Juan the President of Argentina. Evita became the first lady from year 1946 till she died in 1952. Evita was an actress. And Juan Dominggo fell in love to Evita than they married. Their political rules was so influenced so that change the face of Argentina. Even they called as the best politician couple on that era. Evita was died of Cancer. The famous song by Madonna with the title “Don’t cry for me Argentina” is told about Evita Peron. On that video clip Madonna play role as Evita Peron.

6. Tristan and Isolde

Isolde is the King of Ireland. She then engaged to the King of Cornwall, but truly she fell in love to Tristan who is the nephew of King Mark. Their affair continued even when Isolde was married to king Mark. Finally, the affair was known to the king Mark, but caused King Mark so in love to his wife, he apologize his wife. But King Mark extrude his nephew Tristan from Cornwall. Tristan then went to Britanny and interested to Iseult caused her name similar to Isolde. They married, but Tristan caouldn’t forget Isolde. This make him sick and then he wrote letter to Isolde and wish Isolde can cure her heart. When Isolde agreed to come and meet Tristan, so she should boarded white ship. If Isolde disagree, she shoul boarded black ship. Iseult didn’t want to part to Tristan, lied to Tristan and said that she saw the black ship. Tristan then died on sadness before Isolde came to meet him. Isolde finally died of broken heart.


5. Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

On behalf of love to Wallis Simpson, Prince Edward willing to sacrifice his wealth and authority. This England Prince fall in love to Wallis Simpson whom an American and already married. Wallis Simpson then divorced her husband and started her new life with Prince Edward. Wallis certainly could not be the queen of england cause she is an American. Prince Edward became the prince on 1936, but soon abdicated in order to marry her lover Wallis Simpson. Prince Edward then died on May 28, 1972. Wallis then life alone and finally died 14 years after on April, 24, 1986.


4. Pyramus and Thisbe

It is a popular love story of Babylon. This love story began in the year 331 BC. Pyramus was a handsome man who was a childhood friend of Thisbe. They live in the same neighborhood and love growing between them. However their love relation opposed by their parents. They then decided to run away and meet near a tree. Thisbe came first saw a lion whose mouth was covered with blood. Thisbe scared and ran. While running she dropped her veil that taken by the lion. When Pyramus comes and saw Thisbe’s veil in the lion’s mouth (covered in blood), he think Thisbe died attacked by the lion. In deep sadness, Pyramus then killed himself with a sword in his hand. Thisbe who can not live without Pyramus, then killed herself with the same sword.


3. Marie and Pierre Curie

Their love to knowledge and hardwork made them united on the bond of love. In 1981, Maria Sklodowska Curie or called Marie, visited to Paris. Her visit was not only brings it on science, but also on her spouses. Over here Marie met Pierre who is the directors of laboratory where Marie worked. In 1895 they married. In 1898, they discovered polonium and radium. This discovery brings this couple and Henri Becquerel won a Nobel Prize in physics in 1903. When Pierre died in 1904, Marie keep contiued her research, and it’s great that she won the nobel prize again in 1911 in chemical field. This made Maried is the only one person whom received two nobel prize.


2. Abigail and John Adams

The love story of Abigail and John Adams was the love story between 2 lover that separated cause of the war. John Adams was the second presidents from America and Abigail was his wife. Their relationship was just from corespondent cause at that time American face to war revolution and several incident that forced the President to live apart from his wife. One passage in a letter Abigail to her husband is “The great anxiety I feel for my country, for you, and for our family, renders the day tedious, and the night unpleasant.”

Abigail later died in October, 28, 1818, of typhoid fever, she was then buried beside her husband grief that located in the basement of the curch of United First Parish or the church of the Presidents in Quincy, Massachusetts. Her last words were “Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend. I am ready to go. And John, it will not be long.”


1. Eloise and Abelard

This was a love story between a teacher and student. This couple lived in France about the 12th century. Peter Abelard was a professor and also Theologian who fell in love to his own student, Eloise. Peter stay with Eloise uncle who also take care of Eloise. Eloise uncle admired Peter. But this love affair made Eloise uncle, Canon Fulbert angry. They then run away cause Eloise already pregnant with Peter. But alas, their state should made them separated, caused Peter Abelard should live as a Priest. But with live separated didn’t make their love faded. They keep wrote letters, poem, story about their love till they both died and buried together in Paris. Many believe that their love letters are still an inspiration for many love story writers.







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