5 The Most Unique Sand Beach in The World



Sand beach identically filled with the white sand. But on some beaches in the world,  there are some that having unusual color of sand beach.  Here are 5 of  the most unique sand beach in the world listed for you.

  1. Green sand beach in Papakolea, Hawaii

This green sand beach called Papakolea beach that located around Ka’u, Hawaii. 49000 year ago, an exploding volcano spewed ash and unique green sand. The green color comes from pieces of stone called olivine crystals that exist in the mountain.
Green sand is the result of a mixture of ash, lava and fragments olivine crystals. Among the natives, Olivine known as ‘diamond Hawaii’.


  1. Purple Beach on Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California.

Pfeiffer beach is purple sand beach that is located in the region of Big Sur, California. The purple sand beach and the surrounding natural beauty make this place appropriate as a favorite visitor attraction. The purple sand on the beach is made ​​up of particles of manganese which will increasingly look shiny when exposed to light of the moon reflected in the night.


  1. Pink Sand Beach, in Harbour Island, Bahamas

The beach at the harbor island, the Bahamas is one of seven pink sandy beaches in the world. Color pink sand beach is formed of a little flaky coral, shells and calcium carbonate from very small marine invertebrates, and the amount of Foraminifera, microscopic amoeba that has a body shell of a red or bright pink.


  1. The sandy beach glass in Fort Bragg, California

The sandy glass beach is very unique, broken glass on the beach is not made ​​in nature. In 1949 Fort Bragg coast is landfills. For years, people throw garbage on the beach, and over time the rubbish that covers the glass is crushed by a tidal beach for decades to smooth the glass shards to become jagged crystal grains that are comfortable on the feet.


        5. Black sand beach in Punalu Beach, Hawaii

Punalu’u beach is famous for its black sand and it is the only black sand beaches in the world, located in Hawaii. This black sand made ​​of basalt and being created by the accumulation of lava that cools when it reaches the sea.

We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 colored sandy  beach article. Please do let us know if you know something interesting. Perhaps another colored sand beach!