Romantic Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

This beautiful tunnel that located near Kleven, Ukraine by the local resident called as Tunnel of Love, even though, there no love story behind this tunnel. This tunnel is a rail road which is  1,8 miles long with  green trees that have been given chance to grow wild naturally. This tunnel is nature made, the green trees that grow around the railways form beautiful green leafy tunnel and raises romantic atmosphere. When the flowers bloom, this tunnel will look more beautiful colorful and feels like heaven.

This romantic impression that underlying this tunnel so it’s called Tunnel of love. This railway tunnel is still active which passes by train 3 times a day, because the train back and forth in this tunnel for years that eventually form the surrounding trees into a beautiful green corridor. Besides this tunnel is also frequently visited by the couple, believed that couples who make a wish in this tunnel, their wish will be taken for granted as long as their love is sincere.

The tunnel is also  great for photography shoot, because of the beauty and the greenness. If you visit to Ukraine, do not miss to visit the tunnel of love with your couple or by your own, and when you walk on the rail train, watch out to the train.