The Art Of Being Different


The Art Of Being Different
The Art Of Being Different

We often hear the statement that everyone of us is a unique person. We have been created to be different from one another.

Sometimes when we feel different from everyone else, we feel isolated, alienated and estranged. And sometimes we may even feel inferior. We think that we are hopeless and that nobody cares about us. Feeling different from others in a negative sense can also make us moody, restless, and uneasy.

As time goes by, when we become older, we feel that there is nothing wrong with being different. One of the main characteristics of a mature person is his capability and acceptance of being a different and unique individual. Feeling and being different from others is not so easy. Society can often view difference in people quite negatively. People generally tend to have something in common with others. Sadly, many humans avoid going against the mainstream in fear of standing out and being ridiculed. Common and ordinary people often go with the crowd to avoid standing out.

Here are some tips to help you be confident in being different to others :

  1. If you have no bravery of being different from the others, then you’ll never be true to yourself as being unique from others.
  2. Be together with people. Try to join people around you, know and get on well with them so that they have time to know you and know your differences. The more alienated you are from people in your surroundings, the more striking your differences will be.
  3. Never be afraid of talking about your differences with other people. It always takes time for others to understand. The more you try to avoid discussing it, the more irresistible your differences will be. Make your differences open and in public so that people get accustomed to them.
  4. Always look at the bright side of your differences. Don’t focus on the negative of being different. The more you think about your differences negatively, the more pain you will  feel psychologically.
  5. Be brave to make jokes about your differences. The more courageous you are in joking about your differences, the more successful you will be in making peace with yourself and in taking them for granted.
  6. Thank God for the unique and different individual you are. There must be goodness in your differences that you don’t know. Anyway, the more grateful you are about what you are, the more peaceful you will feel. Accept yourself for the individual you are.


4 responses to “The Art Of Being Different”

  1. Tanim noor Avatar
    Tanim noor

    Excellent post. Nice topic. Everyone wants to be different.
    Helping post. 🙂

    1. lailawati Avatar

      Thank’s for your comment here.

  2. shibli sadique Avatar
    shibli sadique

    We all are unique in our own world. We never share something really very own to us. But the society make us not to be a different from others, it always try to keep all of us like common to each other in the society.

    1. lailawati Avatar

      Yes, society always want us to be the same as them, but when we brave to show them about our difference without we take a gap with them. than slowly but sure they will understand your difference and can accept that. just be brave and be mature to face the society.